The Casino, the Blizzard and the Plague

01 Feb

I *wish* that was the opening of a good joke.  Then again, maybe it is.

The trip to the Casino, the one I was so worried about, was great.  Now I see I really needed the time away, to not deal with reality for a little while.  I had so much fun, I even ended up winning!  I don’t play the table games, I don’t really know how and I’m way too easily overwhelmed.  I’m a slots girl, I’ll try any of those machines.  I love to just sit there and zone out, concentrate on nothing but the lights and noise.  Everything around me just fades away.  It’s exactly what I needed after the last few weeks.  I feel like some of the darkness has lifted and I can see things more clearly now.  I hope it lasts. 

Of course, when I got home what was waiting but an impending snowstorm.  I’m so tired of winter at this point I could just scream.  At first they kept saying we would get “significant icing” and that brings back all of the memories of the last ice storm.  I can still hear the trees breaking and the power lines snapping and I feel that paralyzing fear all over again.  Today they are saying it shouldn’t be so much ice, so I’m just concentrating on that.  There will be no ice, there will be no ice, there will be no ice…

Adding to my glee at being back home I’ve been hit with the damn plague, or at least that’s what it feels like.  Last night my sinuses hurt so much I felt like being punched in the face would be an improvement.  Today I’ve added constant coughing to mix it up a little.  Awesome.  

Now I’m going to go cough, blow my nose and repeat my no ice mantra.  Fun, fun, fun!!

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