Light, Rainbows and Unicorns… What the…?

26 Feb

This is new.  The other night I was listening to a radio interview, I came in mid-talk so I’m not sure who was being interviewed.  The man talking was one of those everything is wonderful, light and magic fill the world optimists.  I usually listen with one ear and have my own sarcastic commentary running in my head instead of really paying attention.  Something about this guy just drew me in though, and I listened.

Really listened.  I absorbed everything he said, processed it.  What really struck me though was one thought that I will paraphrase “I just try to go out and be happy, make the world happier one person at a time.  We’ll get there.”

Huh.  My inner pessimist was screaming bullshit, but I thought of how many times and how many different ways I’d heard that philosophy.  Would it work? Can I be like that?  I’m not really sure.  But right now I have the strangest feeling that I haven’t had in the longest time:


Hope is powerful.  Hope can lift me, a little at a time back to the real world.  Hope can make me stronger.  Hope can make me believe – in myself, in others, in everything.

Hope feels a bit like light, rainbows and unicorns.   In fact I think hope probably looks like this:

At least, that’s what it would look like in my head, I’m very sure of that.

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