Oh Momma…

04 Apr

Another crazy Mom story:

(It’s been raining and storming all day – this is very important.)

Mom had gone to pick my sister up from work, then stopped at Hallmark to look around. When she got home we had this conversation:

Mom: We stopped at Angela’s and got takeout

(we had already made dinner earlier to get on the stove when she & my sister got home, I knew that couldn’t be right.)

Me: Um… you mean Tracy did that for lunch?

Mom: *silence*

Me: Did they do that for lunch?

Mom: What? No. We went there and got tacos.

Me: ?

Mom: (shakes her head) takeout. menus.  We got takeout menus. From Angela’s, that new place by the movies.

Me: Ohhhh…

Mom: It’s been raining, I’ve been out in the rain and thunder and lightning you know.

Me: nodding (as you do with crazy people)

Mom: I probably got struck or something.

Me: That would explain it.

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