As the car turns…

24 Jun

My car is rapidly becoming a black hole of neediness and insanity.  I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty.  I was young and stupid and had to get the one with the special bigger tires and fancier crap. Stupid.

In the past six months I have replaced the battery, brakes, fuel lines and some stupid little ball-things that go in or near the engine.  Now I’m lucky in the fact that I have known my mechanic since I was about 5.  He’s been known to fix things on my car for a case of soda.  But the never-ending shitstorm that has become my car has ended my happy little world.

For the past few weeks the check engine light will come on, but just long enough for me to call and make an appointment to take it in.

Jeep: “Ha! Fooled ya!”

Me: “Fucker!”

So two weeks ago it stayed on.  Apparently a hose had come loose. Whatever, just fix it.

Mechanic: “Hey, did you know you need to get this inspected by the end of the month?”

Me : Outwardly “Oh, no I forgot” Inwardly: “FUUUCCCKKK”

Then I asked him if he would take care of it.

He says : “After a check engine light goes off you have to drive it at least 30 miles before we can inspect it.”

Me “Oh, sure” (Are you fucking KIDDING me?)

So off I go, driving around. Yesterday I get to 29 miles.

The light came back on.


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