09 Aug

If you know me, or have had the misfortune of following me on twitter for the past 18 hours, you know I love the TV show Eureka. You also know I have not been reacting very well to the news of the scuttling of Season 6 and it’s cancellation.

I just have to purge myself of all of it, to get over it and move on, an attack of verbal diarrhea if you will.

My favorite little town in all the TV world

I have been watching Eureka since the pilot, I was immediately drawn into this world of scientists and geniuses and the Marshall-turned-Sheriff trying in vain to rein them all in.  This is a show that didn’t talk to the audience like we were all idiots, it was always assumed we’d be in on the joke!  It’s smart!  It’s side-splittingly funny and in the next scene devastatingly sad.  I have felt part of this little community since the very beginning and I guess that is why this hits me so very hard.

I’ve watched Carter fall for Allison, Allison fall for Nathan (again), Carter fall for Tess then finally Carter and Allison falling for each other.  I’ve watched Jo fall for a robot (again), Jo fall for Zane, Jo lose Zane, then Zane fall for Jo.  I watched Henry have so much love for Kim he would risk the entire world to save her, then find love again with Grace.  I’ve watched Fargo go from a bumbling, walking accident-waiting-to-happen to a fully capable and confident Head of GD.  I’ve watched Zoe grow up.  And so much more.

The fact that I care so much for these characters is a testament to the writing staff of this show.  To create such relatable, likeable characters and KEEP them that way is such a rarity these days, which is tragic.  (Well, except for Larry :), no we love Larry too.)

As I have said, I cannot stress enough how badly SyFy mishandled this news.  When the rumors of cancellation started it was stressed how we still had the 6 episode Season 6 to look forward to, and this was said FOUR DAYS AGO.

So, when they scrapped that and announced the cancellation it was like a blindside.  Would the fan base be as upset if we had not been lied to less than a week ago?  Absolutely not.  We would be very upset, sure, and mourn the upcoming loss of our beloved show, but we would not be so angry.  At the very least I would not be so angry.  Then earlier today when we learned the cast also heard the news via twitter and the Press Release done very late at night instead of from the network itself it just added fuel to the proverbial fire.  This has been mishandled from the get-go, and SyFy really needs to look at its practices to make sure this complete clusterf*ck does not happen again, because if nothing changes it will, and soon.

Does this diminish my love for the show, my love for these characters, this town, the cast, crew, writers, producers & creators of this wonderful escape?  Not in the least.  This “Smartest Little Town” and the people who made it happen occupy a place in my heart that is not going anywhere.

So, I guess in the end I just want to say thank you, to all the cast, crew, writers, producers and everyone who worked on Eureka.  Thank you for bringing such magic into my life, for giving me a wonderful place to escape when I needed it, for making a TV show I can only call amazing.


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