My Dad, the Wizard

26 Oct

A couple of months ago my parents’ computer just died.  No blue screen of death, no warning, just one day it refused to turn on.  They have an older pc, they’ve probably had it for 5 years or so now, so it was about due for a major malfunction.

Mom knows nothing about computers at all.  Nothing.  Some days I have to help her find her e-mail again because it “disappeared”.  What usually happens is she somehow brings up her welcome screen and can’t see her e-mail box, so it may have well been stolen by the aliens running the big scary machine.

My dad on the other hand, he’s pretty handy with the ‘ol pc.  He was a technician for over 30 years for 3M going all over hell and back fixing all kinds of their machines.  However, he is 70, and not of the computer culture.  He’ll get out manuals and flick switches and change plugs and try what he can.  But this was different.

This was Dad being in his office, lots of swearing, some strategic banging and a shit-ton of sighing.  After day 3 of no internet he finally gave up and said he was going to find a pc repair guy and take it in.  This was a BIG DEAL.  Dad does not give up on anything.  He believes very much in his ability to just fix shit, but this stumped him.  Dad was not happy.

The next day I walked into the kitchen and there was Dad and their computer on the table, with the tower completely dismantled.  But the monitor was on.  On and working. Dad was smiling.

I asked him “What the hell is all this?”

He said “I just wanted to take a look at it, and I got it to work.”

Me “So what did you do?”

Dad “I took out the memory card and blew on it. Then it worked.”


My Dad is a wizard with mad skills.  I am completely in awe.  And the damn thing is still working.

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